Division J Cajun Classic Working Decoy

3 Categories: Puddlers, Divers and Geese-Confidence. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention in each category. Medallion for 1st Best of Show. Ribbons for 2nd and 3rd Best of Show. Professional, Amateur and Novice classes.


  1. Carving must be made strong, durable and have the ability to self-right.
  2. These decoys should be designed to be hunted over and be rugged enough to withstand the rigors to which gunning decoys are subjected.
  3. All weights or keels used for self-righting or ballast must be practical and non-fouling in nature. No swinging weights are allowed.
  4. No burning or stone texturing allowed.
  5. Raised primaries allowed with NO undercutting. STRAIGHT CUT ONLY, NO ANGLE. SLICK BIRD ONLY!
  6. Bill detail other than indentation to define nostril not allowed. There will be no carving under nostril, no upper or lower mandible details, "no carving to show upper and lower mandible."
  7. Painting will be traditional and have no extreme detail. Practical, simplified patterns which are easily reproduced will be allowed.
  8. No blending or stipling, to be viewed as vermiculation. No hand formed vermiculation. Block painting only. No feather splits or breakage.
  9. Any decoy which is determined by the judging committee to be in violation of any of the rules will be removed from this class and entered in division K.

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